"Boo Beans"
This miniature set ended up being really big!
A joint project with Division X and Castorri Films, the commercial promoted a halloween "Boo Bean" giveaway for a pharmacy chain.
< The tabletop set was about 24' long.
Scenic Artist Bruce Johnson. >
< Division X modeler Matt Campbell.
Hot-wire styrofoam sculpting. >
< Sculptor Mark Stuckey admires the view.
Director Ron Castorri tweaks the set. >
< Division X founder Richard Roy is known for his "hands-on" approach.
< Technicians beneath the table used video monitors to cue gate openings, smoke effects, etc.
To enhance the lovability of the little stuffed critters, I dissected 'em, and installed radio-control servo motors to make their arms wave, spiders descend their webs, and other tasty actions!