"Hippy Hop"
R.U. Productions, April 2000
Director: Richard Roy
SPFX Coordinator: Joe Miller
Richard discovered that frogs move their heads to compensate for gravity when you tilt 'em. I worked with Camera Assistant Rob Roycroft to develop a small "tabletop" that mounted right to the camera... We tilted and tipped, and the resulting footage was looped to the hip-hop soundtrack!

This spot announced the Grand Opening of our Zoo's state-of-the-art "Amphibiville" conservation center.
My camera-mounted tilt rig in action. All able bodies were enlisted as frog-catchers!
We also used an "ultra-close-up" lens for conventional tabletop shots, especially for the critters interacting with the miniature sign.
All kidding aside, the guy in the red shirt is one of the curators of Amphibiville, and he took great pains to ensure the safety and health of his little charges.
He allowed no compromises in the handling of these reptiles and amphibians.