Designing for the web:

Before photography college, I took vocational training, and worked in graphic arts and printing. I've always loved designing with images and type. A couple of years ago, these interests led me into some forays in website design... Now, I'm up to about a half-dozen active sites.

I like to create websites with an emphasis on good images and graphics. I take great pains to ensure maximum image quality with quick download speeds.

All of the graphics on my websites are original designs, created in Photoshop and Illustrator. I do not use templates or other "cookie cutter" programs to generate my images, backgrounds, buttons, rollovers, or whatever!

< Detroit Studio Mechanics -

A high-tech look for a high-tech organization. These folks deal with the electronics in film production - audio recording, video assist, and TelePrompTer operators.
Lots of downloadable forms, links, and other information for members and clients.
Fauxscape >

Plenty of graphics and photos. The site features the artist's decorative painting in beautiful homes and businesses. . .

In conjunction with this website, I designed an entire corporate identity. The graphics on the site are the basis for stationery, cards, brochures, and other print materials. I shot most of the photographs used in the website and printed items.
< Detroit Stage Employees -

This site was designed for easy navigation by novice web surfers. It was my first "big" site, currently around 45 pages.

It has a sizable 'knowledge base" area, with downloadable forms, tutorials, and other data.

Perhaps the most fun part of this website is a frequently updated Photo Gallery, which contains photos and information on shows, entertainment, and filming in Detroit.