Sets, Scenery, and Staging
For film, video, photography, and live shows.
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< Corporate Broadcast TV: Daimler-Chrysler TV News.
PBS TV: "3 Men & A Tenor >
< MTV News: "Choose Or Lose," town hall meeting with Al Gore.
WETA-TV, Washington, D.C.: "Flashpoints USA" with Bryant Gumbel. >
< Photography: High-end automotive sets.
WTVS-TV: "Take A Load Off Your Heart" >
< PBS TV, Marianne Williamson,
Renaissance Unity Church.
< TV: "It's Your Time" series pilot.
< TV & CD-ROM: Daimler-Chrysler "Retail Edge" internal sales training series.
< Industrial Video: Oldsmobile "Mothership" video set.
< TV: Carl's Golfland.
< TV & CD-ROM: Daimler-Chrysler "Master Parts."
< Corporate TV: Studio 600.